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At this time we are not taking any new clients. If you need immediate help, please click here to locate your nearest emergency clinic.

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At Rainbow Veterinary Clinic we provide the highest quality medical and surgical care

to our patients and offer the best possible service to our clients.

 Dr. Linda Mitchell  

Dr. Jessica Alcorn 

Dear Clients,

It has been a crazy, difficult year! We wanted to update you on where we are with dealing with COVID.

Due to the small size of our exam rooms, we are still providing curbside service. This means that clients are not allowed into the clinic with their pet. The ONLY exception is with a euthanasia. We plan to continue this until there is a widely available vaccine and the new cases in Ohio have significantly decreased. This could be well into 2021. Most of you have been very understanding and even appreciate our efforts, and we thank you. This is not easy for us but we, as a group, agree that we must do everything we can to protect ourselves, our families and you.

To help the process of curbside service, we ask for your help in the following ways:

  1. Call or text the number on the window when you arrive to allow us to check you in.

  2. Please wait in the parking lot during the time that your pet is in the clinic, and be available on your phone for the doctor to call you to discuss your pet.

  3. Cats must be in carriers. The carriers should have access for us to remove the cat from the top. It is much less stressful for cats to be removed from the top than to pull them from the front. (If your hard-side carrier has rusted bolts or zip tied holes, please fix it before you come in). We can loan you a carrier if you need J

  4. Dogs must be on a leash or harness. We will use an additional slip leash for security.

  5. Pay by credit card if possible. We will take the number over the phone to minimize contact.

  6. Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. If you are not appropriately masked, the staff will not have contact with you.

We will be adding a telemedicine service. This will allow us to streamline services such as prescription refills and appointment requests. You will also be able to consult with a doctor remotely for certain issues. This service will only be available for existing clients. For a doctor consult, we have to have seen your pet in person within the last 12 months. Download the TeleVet app and check our website for updates.

Many of you know how hard it has been to get an appointment. Curbside appointments take longer which decreases the number of regular appointments we can see a day. We have also been exceptionally busy and short staffed all year long. If you have an emergency and need to be seen same day, we do everything we can to get you in for an Urgent Care Appointment. Please know that we are all working very hard for you and your pets every day. Go to www.rainbowvet.com for a helpful video.

Assistant appointments will also be changing. We have previously been able to help clients administer injectable medications, subcutaneous fluids or oral medications as a courtesy. These appointments actually take a great deal of staff time. Due to low availability of appointments and being short staffed, starting in 2021, there will be a fee of $20 for these appointments.

Thank you all for your help and consideration,

The doctors and staff of Rainbow Veterinary Clinic

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